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I deleted ID by mistake
20 Jul 2021, 12:52:43
I deleted the exchange by mistake I have sent the viewcard so i want to recuperate the ID
Can i recuperate the ID?
13 Sep 2021, 07:29:42
Do you still have the details of that exchange? Id, username of partner and date when it was sent. I will recreate it.
13 Sep 2021, 07:48:28
Hi, I have found your previous PM. I have recreated ES-33.
26 Sep 2021, 14:12:10
Hi, that happend to me longer ago, too - because my thick fingers have hit the "cancel" insted of the "update" button - maybe in a next version you can keep the buttons more apart?
08 Dec 2021, 06:24:50
Hi, I have moved the cancel button to account home page.
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