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I really don't understand this site
27 Sep 2021, 18:16:37
Is it me, or is there anyone else out there who just doesn't quite get the purpose of this site? I understand at the most basic level, of course, to exchange postcards. But the notion of narrowly focusing on sending something from your specific region, and not being able to always send a card because there "are currently no partners available" confuses me.

Maybe the reason this site was started was because in Postcrossing people might send art cards, or humor cards, or who knows what, and this one wants to stick closer to Geography? If so, that's really not explained well anywhere that I can see and people just seem to treat it like Postcrossing anyway.

I enjoy the site, just frustrated because I have four cards to send now, and I can't, for lack of partners. And it took me two days to get my most recent exchange.


Rochester, NY
28 Sep 2021, 13:31:31
I have explained the current situation in another post. I'm trying to unblock the current situation.
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