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more regions from Germany and US
07 Aug 2022, 09:32:10
In Germany and USA geopostcards use states for difference - these regions are huge with lots of members and so fast the slots are filled. Can you use smaller regions? Counties in the USA and Landkreise in Germany? Than we would have a chance to have many more slots.
15 Aug 2022, 01:49:44
In fact, maybe it wouldn't be bad.
Italy also has rather populated regions and perhaps with many members, to saturate the shipments.
With the provinces we could have more "punctual" mailings (if the members respect the area) :-)
15 Sep 2022, 17:32:09
From the sender's perspective it is better to have more options to send.
Probably for the recepients its more important to receive from the first-level administrative divisions. Those divisions are more recognisable then the second-level divisions.

The ideal solution would be to have more members from more countries and from more first-level divisions.

I'm thinking about a solution to implement this and most probably it would be with an option for each user to select if to receive from second-level administrative regions. And probably we should add the second level only to specific countries where it's needed.

15 Sep 2022, 17:33:42
For now I'm puting this on my list of future updates. At this point I'm concentrating on the unesco project.
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