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Country: United States of America
Languages: English
Member since: 17 January 2022
Last activity: 02 September 2023
Hello people of planet earth, fellow human beings, new friends! My name is Barbara Ann, you can call me Barbi, BarbiQ, BBQ, Barbara, or Ann! I am from Southern California (near Disneyland) but in recent years I live in Lubbock, Texas. I am a lacto-ovo-vegetarian since 1997 and an animal lover. I have 8 best friends: house cats Cisco, Snowball, Squeaki, Rusty, Edgar, Emma, also a human boyfriend and a female BFF!

I am active on:,,, postfun app and now! (if you know some others please tell me!)

I will be happy to receive any postcard from you, but if you want ideas, here are some themes that I love:

Greetings from, single view, multi view, illustrated or photo
Images of your town, city, village, state; street view or countryside
Airplanes, Airports, Locomotive, Trains, Train Stations, Ships, Bicycles
Post offices, mail boxes, mail carriers, stamps, philately or post related
Zoo, Aquarium, Theme park, Brewery, Winery, Restaurant, tourist attractions from your area
Books, bookstores, libraries, authors, book covers
Houses, Buildings, Cabins, Architecture, School, College, University
Holidays, religious or secular, festivals, gatherings, seasons
Female power, equality, pagan, druid, earthen, elvin, forest creatures
House cats, art cats, bookstore cats, raccoon, possum, squirrels, dog, wolf, fox, coyote
Animals: any native/common to your land
Recipes, restaurant, menu, food related, farmer, farming, gardening
Memes, Parody, Satire, Odd, Unusual, Strange or Funny!
Homemade/handmade: Anything you can dream up/print/sticker/stamp/draw/paint on! Cut a postcard shape from your favorite product cardboard box!
Or just print your photo/family photo/your house/town/pet/or your favorite photo of anything you like, on cardstock, mail it to me!

Please write anything about you: work/school/hobby/pets/quote/favorites

If you put your address (on card or msg me) I will send you a card also!

Happy postcarding my new future friends!
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