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Country: China
Languages: Chinese, English, a little bit Japanese
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Hi! (*^.^*)
Kindly request to indicate date and temperature on the postcard. I believe the temperature can give me a feeling of being your country. ^^
My name is Si Yao(斯瑶). You can also call me Elisa. I’m 22 and I am a postgraduate studying in Beijing now. My birthday is June 5th.
I am learning Japanese now. And in my free time, I spend a lot of time reading novels. All kinds of internet novels just made me obsessed. If you can tell me something about internet novels in your country (I am very interested about the genres of net novels in other countries recently), I will be very happy.
I love all kinds of postcards! But if you don't know what kinds of postcard you want to send. Here are some ideas:
- Calligraphy of different language
- Cartoons
- arts, fantasy arts, famous painting etc.
- skyline
- beautiful landscapes
- festival cards. I want to know festivals in other countries!
- maps
You can write me in Chinese, English and a little bit Japanese (I am working on it).
Finally some ideas to write
My major is contrastive linguistics. Therefore I am interested in the difference between languages. Can you write a sentence in your language in the postcard and maybe some characteristics of your lanauage? I will be more than grateful. I also love to hear anything from your life.
I'm looking forward to your wonderful card!
Have a beautiful day!
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