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Country: China
Member since: 11 July 2022
Last activity: 14 August 2022
Hello, I'm from Beijing China. I like collecting postcards very much. I send a postcard everywhere I go as a souvenir.
❤️❤️❤️I am now in college and hope to have a beautiful college life. If possible, I hope to get your blessing, thank you!❤️❤️❤️
I like cute little animals very much, especially dogs. I have a mini grey teddy at home. It's so cute. I like traveling very much, the world is big, every scenery is worth seeing.
If possible, use nice stamps. Thank you very much. You can write to me if you like, I'd love to hear about your life.

If you have some used tickets with you when are sending me a card (e.g. bus ticket) OR you have any extra/don’t want/useless/used stamps, it would be amazing if you could send it to me along with the postcard!
There were a special stamp or a commemorative pictorial postmark (tourism spot souvenir badge/Landscape Datemark) on your card, it would be also amazing!

Basically I like to receive any kind of postcard! If you're not sure of which postcard to send? Maybe this list gives you some ideas :-)
- historical buildings, turistic views, museums, postcards of town or city
-Landscape of all seasons, Skyline, sea, sunrise/sunset,moon,horizon,sea, ocean, lake, waterfall, etc. panoramic, aerial views, coastal views.
-Churches, lighthouses, castles, Bridges ,windmills, airplanes, rockets...
-Card made of wood、metal、other special materials
- Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
- About the army
- members of royal families

❄️!!!( These are not requirements, just for reference, if you can do it, I am very grateful to you. Don't care too much about these. It's important that you're happy)!!!❄️

Don't hesitate to send what you want or like. You can look at my favorites for inspiration.

I´d like to know something about your place, where you live, or some interesting facts about it. What´s your hobby, how are you, or if you have a interesting quote, you can send it too. Or tell me what you know about China:)
Happy postcrossing! :)
P.S I´m interested in direct swaps, if you´d like to exchange postcard with me, feel free to write me a message :)

♥ *** THANK YOU *** ♥
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