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No incoming expired postcard on the home page.
27 Jun 2022, 19:27:29
Hi! In the Postcards Exchanges, Expired section, I see an incoming expired postcard with the number US-615 (121 days on the way). But I don't have it on the home page in the incoming expired section. And I can't do the "not received" action with it.
03 Jul 2022, 23:13:02
Hi! Can you help me with my problem, please?
10 Jul 2022, 15:08:07
Good day! Tell me, please, can I get an answer to my question?
15 Sep 2022, 17:12:41
In the home page you can view exchanges that have an unresolved status. That are in progress or have been expired and are waiting for the two partners to resolve its status by taking those actions before an automatic action is taken.

In the case of US-615 you have already marked it as "Not received" and your partner also marked it as "Mailed". Those 'Mailed' and 'Not received' actions are useful in the case that one of the partners is no longer active. In this case you both took the posible actions and no automatic action is needed.

This exchange since is was marked as sent and not received, it is considered lost. This is the reason why is no longer in the home page but you can still see it on your expired list.

Those exchanges can still be register when they arrive. It is possible for postcards/letters to travel for a few months in some cases.
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