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no members available
13 Nov 2019, 09:19:51
at the moment there is no members available, how could it be possible?
we are growing in numbers in the latest months
14 Nov 2019, 21:30:05
More slots are available now. You should be able to get new parteners.
10 Jan 2020, 15:51:09
No members availables....
Perhaps you have to adjust better the engine of this site.
When e new member joint have to be immediately able to start to play otherwise they will abandon the game.
26 Sep 2021, 13:48:51
at the moment there is no members available, how could it be possible?
26 Sep 2021, 18:39:24

You (a bit of everyone!) delete some of the regions received from ' Postcards exchanges -> Items '.
Otherwise even just a postcard from that region "blocks"!

I too am stopped at the moment :-/
28 Sep 2021, 11:11:18
Good afternoon, why can't I get the address for the second day?
28 Sep 2021, 13:28:34
There are about 30 slots from members that have the option "Stop assigning my address for new exchanges" selected. Also there are about 10 slots from members that have not logged in for more then 14 days. The slots in this two situations can't be used.

I have added extra slots that will help for now. I will check the available slots more often until the situation improves. Also, I will contact some of the members that are in the two situations from above.
28 Sep 2021, 13:32:31
Also, what Puntin sugested, will help.
29 Sep 2021, 13:17:37

Thank you, Danubius!

Well !, last night an address was finally assigned to me ;-)

P.s.: perhaps it would be useful to have an automatic notification (which can be disabled) to inform all participants of any replies in ' Discussions ' in which we have participated. Thanks again
26 Apr 2022, 14:30:24
Hello Danubius, there are no members available for me. Can you help me? (I've already done what Puntin suggested)
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